Chase Weidmann, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Chase is a Wisconsin native and Michigan graduate alumni (PhD in Biological Chemistry 2015). Chase has been interested in RNA biology for his entire career, from studying mechanisms of mRNA translation regulation in undergraduate research at the University of Rochester to investigating long noncoding RNA localization and (dys)function in postdoctoral research at UNC-Chapel Hill. After a brief stay at Washington University in St.Louis integrating proteomics to study RNA-protein interaction networks, Chase started a new laboratory in the Biological Chemistry Department at Michigan. 

Research Interests

Chase's team is interested in how cellular signals are propagated through interaction networks at the RNA-protein interface, and how these networks malfunction during cancer and disease. The vision is to leverage RNA and protein sequencing technologies to characterize interaction network profiles in cancer cells and generate novel therapeutic strategies that target the RNA-protein interface.

Research Opportunities for Rotating Students

Projects include developing chemical probing and next-gen sequencing technologies and analysis pipelines for characterizing RNA-protein interaction networks in cancer cells, and pioneering cell-based phenotypic assays for functional characterization of identified networks.