Jacqueline Morales

Graduate Student


I grew up in small town within the Coachella Valley, in southern California. I completed my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley where I majored in Molecular and Cell Biology, with an emphasis in Immunology. During undergrad, I also worked at Ligand Pharmaceuticals, an antibody discovery company where I helped develop human antibodies from transgenic chickens. After graduating, I worked as a research specialist at the University of California, San Francisco in Dr. Amit Sabnis’ lab. I worked on investigating the selective dependency that PAX3-FOXO1 fusion driven rhabdomyosarcoma has on the amino acid sensing complex GATOR2. Currently, I have joined Marina Pasca Di Magliano's lab working on pancreatic cancer research. Outside of science, I enjoy baking cookies, watching movies, hiking, weight lifting, and going out for coffee!

Research Interests

Interested in organoid co-culture systems and investigating the role of CXCL8 and tumor associated macrophages in the pancreatic tumor microenvironment.


Rackham Merit Fellowship (2022)

Gates Millennium Scholarship (2014)

Diversity Ambassador

  • Hispanic or Latino