Marina Pasca Di Magliano

Marina Pasca Di Magliano, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, General Surgery
Associate Chair of Research, Department of Surgery


Dr. Pasca di Magliano is an Associate Professor in the Division of HPB, Section of General Surgery. Dr. Pasca di Magliano holds a joint appointment in Cell and Developmental Biology. Dr. Pasca di Magliano earned her B.S. in 1996 at the University of Napoli in Italy before going on to receive her Ph.D. in 2002 at the Institute for Molecular Pathology in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Pasca di Magliano completed her postdoctoral training at the University of California Diabetes Center in San Francisco.

Dr. Pasca di Magliano's research concentrates on the formation and progression of pancreatic cancer. Her laboratory studies how mutant Kras, the key oncogene that initiates formation of pancreatic cancer, regulates elements of the pancreatic cancer microenvironment. Recently, her work has focused on the role of inflammation and immune infiltration in pancreatic cancer, with the overarching goal to identify new ways to target this disease harnessing the body's own immune system.

Research Interests

Our laboratory investigates the formation and progression of pancreatic cancer, one of the most lethal human malignancies. We study embryonic signaling pathways, such as Hedgehog and Wnt, which are activated during pancreatic carcinogenesis. The Hedgehog signaling pathway is not active in healthy adult pancreas. However, in pre-malignant lesions and in invasive pancreatic cancer Hedgehog signaling becomes activated via overexpression of one of the ligands, Sonic Hedgehog (Shh).