Peter Sajjakulnukit

Graduate Student


Peter graduated from the University of Michigan in 2016 with a BS in Neuroscience. During that time he worked at the Henry Ford Medical Center on an Epilepsy research project and at the Eisenhower Center as a rehab assistant helping patients suffering from the effects of traumatic brain injuries. He returned to the University of Michigan as a graduate student with the Cancer Biology Program in 2019. Specializing in mass spectrometry, Peter is co-mentored by Dr. Costas Lyssiotis and Dr. Charles Burant, and studies pancreatic cancer metabolism. He is also a member of the dual-MS Bioinformatics program. In his free time, he enjoys playing ice hockey, backpacking, and golf. 

Research Interests

Using a wide variety of mass spectrometry techniques, Peter studies how pancreatic cancer cells rewire their metabolism to survive under harsh tumor microenvironment conditions. His project centers around non-classical fuel sources that can be salvaged in nutrient-low conditions to maintain cancer cell viability, presenting a physiologically relevant tumor microenvironment model and identifying rewired metabolic pathways that can be exploited to promote cancer cell death. 


LC/MS, R, Python