Yatrik Shah

Yatrik Shah, Ph.D.

Professor of Molecular & Integrative Physiology
Professor of Internal Medicine
Accepting Students?


Dr. Shah received his PhD from the University of Toledo Health Science Center. After a postdoctoral fellowship at National Cancer Institute, he began his career as a principal investigator at the University of Michigan in 2010 in the Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology and Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology.

Research Interests

Our laboratory studies changes in oxygen, metabolic waste products and nutrients from both systemic and cellular perspectives in the GI tract. Our interests lie in understanding how these factors coordinate proliferation and cell death during development, maintain functional tissues/organs, and how dysregulation culminate in disease. Our goal is to provide fundamental insights into how oxygen, metabolic waste products and nutrients are integrated into tissue and cellular metabolic homeostasis, and to understand precise mechanisms by which cellular dysregulation of these pathways impacts anemia, hemochromatosis, inflammation and cancer.

Research Opportunities for Rotating Students

Looking for students interested in decoding the role of the tumor microenvironment in cancer progression.