Facilities and Resources

Microscopy and Image-Analysis Laboratory (MIL):
The microscopy and image-analysis laboratory mil is a fee-for-service facility open to researchers from all departments within the university, other institutions, and within the industrial research community as well.
Web:  https://brcf.medicine.umich.edu/cores/microscopy/
Phone: 734-763-1170

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC):

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) ensures that the highest animal welfare standards are maintained along with the conduct of accurate, valid scientific research through the supervision, coordination, training, guidance, and review of every project proposed to include the use of vertebrate animals at the University of Michigan. Well-established procedures, similar to those used to monitor human subjects research, are used for reviewing and monitoring animal research, teaching, and testing projects conducted under University auspices. At the University of Michigan, the IACUC is appointed by the Vice President for Research, who also serves as the Institutional Official ultimately responsible for animal care and use, a duty delegated by the President of the University. The Committee consists of members who serve rotating terms and includes scientists, non-scientists, veterinarians, and members of the general public who help advise the Vice President for Research on U-M’s Animal Care & Use Program.

Web: http://animalcare.umich.edu/institutional-animal-care-use-committee
Phone: 734-763-8028


Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM):
The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM), part of the U-M Medical School Office of Research, is one of the nation’s oldest and most recognized programs training laboratory animal veterinarians. In addition to fulfilling its training mission, ULAM has also provided veterinary care to all animals used at the University of Michigan for over 50 years. The proper care of laboratory animals involves attending to a range of physical and behavioral needs. This includes providing clean, appropriately lighted and well-ventilated housing, the ability to exercise and interact with con-specifics, proper nutrition, and health care. ULAM provides a variety of services and educational offerings to support the U-M research community and the animals under their care, including: Laboratory animal procurement and care, veterinary care, compliance and oversight monitoring, personnel training, specialized research support services and activities, and academic teaching and research programs.
Web: http://animalcare.umich.edu/unit-laboratory-animal-medicine
Phone: 734-764-0277

Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF):
The Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF), part of the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research, is a collection of centralized labs and services offering state-of-the-art instruments and resources to faculty and staff.
Web:  https://brcf.medicine.umich.edu/cores/
Phone: 734-647-4776