Mou-Chi Cheng

Research Laboratory Specialist Senior
Cai Lab


Over the years Mou-Chi's research endeavors has emphasized the investigation of protein structure and mechanisms, most recently utilizing super-resolution SMF imaging with nanofluidic devices under the plasmonic enhancement from the resonance of metallic nanostructure. By employing intrinsic fluorescent biopartners and incorporating metallic nanostructures to enhance emission intensity in the nanofluidic device, this method of investigating single protein molecules to study protein kinetics, association/dissociation behaviors, and other biochemical properties have the potential to explore the details of these biological events missing from the classical indirect bulk biochemical measurements.  Mou-Chi received his Ph.D. degree at U of M Chemistry in 2005. Before Joining CDB, he had been working in Chemistry for nine years.  The facilities and class material of the biochemistry and analytical lab were under his management. He was also helping the undergraduates and graduate student instructors perform the experiments and the instrumentation used in the teaching lab and also evaluated and interpreted data to determine its significance and to develop, modify, and validate, and methods.