February 17, 2021

New publication by Noah Steinfeld, Sai Giridharan & Emily Kauffman (Weisman Lab)!

"Simultaneous Detection of Phosphoinositide Lipids by Radioactive Metabolic Labeling" has been published in Methods in Molecular Biology!


Phosphoinositide (PPI) lipids are a crucial class of low-abundance signaling molecules that regulate many processes within cells. Methods that enable simultaneous detection of all PPI lipid species provide a wholistic snapshot of the PPI profile of cells, which is critical for probing PPI biology. Here we describe a method for the simultaneous measurement of cellular PPI levels by metabolically labeling yeast or mammalian cells with myo-3H-inositol, extracting radiolabeled glycerophosphoinositides, and separating lipid species on an anion exchange column via HPLC.