June 7, 2022

New publication from the Duncan Lab and colleagues!

"Human epiblast lumenogenesis: From a cell aggregate to a lumenal cyst" has been published in Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology!


The formation of a central lumen in the human epiblast is a critical step for development. However, because the lumen forms in the epiblast coincident with implantation, the molecular and cellular events of this early lumenogenesis process cannot be studied in vivo. Recent developments using new model systems have revealed insight into the underpinnings of epiblast formation. To provide an up-to-date comprehensive review of human epiblast lumenogenesis, we highlight recent findings from human and mouse models with an emphasis on new molecular understanding of a newly described apicosome compartment, a novel ‘formative’ state of pluripotency that coordinates with epiblast polarization, and new evidence about the physical and polarized trafficking mechanisms contributing to lumenogenesis.