Yukiko Yamashita

Adjunct Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology
James Playfair McMurrich Collegiate Professor in the Life Sciences



Areas of Interest

We are all derived from a single fertilized egg, but our bodies contain hundreds of different types of cells, each of which performs a specific function (a skin cell is not the same as a brain cell). What processes control asymmetric cell divisions in which one cell can give rise to two daughter cells with different identities and functions? Our lab utilizes Drosophila male germline stem cells as a model to study the mechanism of asymmetric cell divisions. We also recently developed a new interest in satellite DNA, a non-coding part of the chromosomes. We investigate the potential functions of this underexplored component of our genome.

Associated Grad Programs

Cell & Developmental Biology, Cellular & Molecular Biology


  • Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 12/2006
  • Kyoto University, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 04/2001
  • Kyoto University, Ph.D., 03/1999 
  •  Kyoto University, B.S., 03/1994 

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