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Sarah Veatch

Sarah Veatch

Professor, Biophysics
Research Interest
Cell membranes, single molecule imaging, cell signaling, phase separation
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Venneti Sriram

Sriram Venneti, MD, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Cancer Biology-Department of Pathology
Research Interests
The aims of our research are to understand the core mechanisms that drive brain cancers such as diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas( DIPG) and ependymomas in children, as well as gliomas in adults.
Kristen Verhey

Kristen Verhey, Ph.D.

Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
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Trainings and Identities:
MORE Mentor Training, Implicit Bias Training, Bystander Training, Gender Bias or Discrimination Training
Research Interests:
Cytoskeleton, intracellular trafficking, microtubules, kinesin motor proteins, cilia