Center Membership

Organogenesis unites research in the clinical, basic and applied sciences, translational science and applied arenas with a common goal:

To understand the basic mechanisms by which organs and tissues are formed and maintained, and to use this knowledge to create long-lasting artificial organs, improved stem cell therapies and effective organ transplantation systems that will correct acquired and genetic human diseases. 

The CFO was established in 1995 and now has over 120 faculty members that come from 26 departments across 5 schools and colleges of the University of Michigan (School of Medicine, College of Literature, Science & the Arts, Dental School, and College of Engineering, School of Public Health). Our reach amongst the entire medical campus shows the truly interdisciplinary nature of our program.

Medical School

  • Biological Chemistry: 3 members
  • Cell & Developmental Biology: 12 members
  • Dermatology: 3 members
  • Human Genetics: 10 members
  • Internal Medicine: 18 members
  • Molecular & Integrative Physiology: 12 members
  • Neurology: 3 members
  • Pathology: 4 members
  • Pharmacology: 2 members
  • Surgery: 7 members
  • Neurosurgery: 3 members
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: 1 member
  • Orthopedic Surgery: 3 members
  • Otolaryngology: 2 members
  • Opthalmology and Visual Sciences: 4 members
  • Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases: 7

Dental School

  • Biologic and Materials Sciences: 10 members
  • Cariology, Restorative Sciences and Endodontics: 1 member
  • Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry: 1 member
  • Periodontics and Oral Medicine: 4 members

College of Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering: 3 members
  • Chemical Engineering: 2 members
  • Mechanical Engineering: 2 members
  • Materials Sciences and Engineering: 1 member

Literature, Science, and the Arts

  • Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology: 9 members

School of Public Health

  • Environmental Health Sciences: 1 member

Faculty membership applications can be found below. Please submit your application in PDF format to