CDB 582/583: Stem Cells to Regenerative Biology

The Center for Organogenesis restructured this graduate level 2-3 credit hour course in 2014 now entitled “Organogenesis: Stem Cells to Regenerative Medicine” (formerly CDB 680 “Organogenesis of Complex Tissues”).  The course is offered during Winter term. The course focuses on understanding the biology of stem cells, how stem and progenitor cells are important for organ formation during development, maintenance during adult life, how perturbations in these cells can lead to disease, and how tissue engineers are learning to harness these cells to replace damaged tissues and organs.  A wide range of stem cells, tissues and organs are highlighted in the course with experts in these fields from around the University of Michigan.  

An additional focus of this course is scientific proposal writing.  Discussion after each lecture topic focuses on pursuing the next questions in the field (i.e. potential grant proposal topics).  Students enrolled for a grade will choose any of the lecture topics or journal presentations from the course and extend the work to develop a hypothesis-driven proposal.  

The proposal-writing portion of the course is covered in the last one-third of the semester and includes:

  • Writing and evaluation of a Specific Aims page
  • An oral presentation of an approved proposal topic and aims
  • Participation in an internal study section reviewing other proposals
  • Full development of a six-page proposal

CDB 582/583 is taught by Deneen Wellik, with the help of Jason Spence and Marina Pasca di Magliano.  All trainees are required to attend class.  The Winter 2017 syllabus and schedule can be found below.