A seminar series entitled “Topics in Organogenesis” offers lectures by University of Michigan faculty and invited speakers from outside of the University. All outside speakers are guests of the Center for Organogenesis. The Center is also actively involved in co-sponsoring invited speakers with various departments within the University. 
All seminars are held at 4:00pm in the BSRB ABC Seminar Rooms, unless otherwise noted.*



Mark Lewandoski                                            “FGFs play multiple roles during embryonic axis  
NIH                                                                  extension in vertebrates.”

Kwanghun Chung                                           “Holistic molecular imaging and rapid phenotyping of
MIT                                                                  complex biological systems”

Sean Morrison                                                 “Hematopoietic stem cell maintenance and
UT Southwestern                                              leukemia development”.
Co-Sponsored Rogel Cancer Center
Kahn Auditorium at 1pm

Lisa Coussens                                                 “Manipulating the Tumor Microenvironment for 
Oregon Health & Science University                 Anti-Cancer Therapy"