John Hollingsworth

John M. Hollingsworth, MD, MS

Professor of Urology


Dr. Hollingsworth is a Professor of Urology. He received his medical degree from Georgetown University in 2002. Following completion of his urology residency (2002-2008), he entered the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program (2008-2010). Since joining the University of Michigan faculty in 2010, Dr. Hollingsworth's clinical practice has focused on the medical and surgical management of urinary stone disease. He co-directs the University’s multidisciplinary stone clinic. Using the shared medical appointment model, this clinic brings together experts in Urology, Nephrology, and Nutrition.

In addition to delivering state-of-the-art clinical care, Dr. Hollingsworth maintains a robust research agenda that encompasses a broad range of health services disciplines. He has investigated the effect of physician financial incentives on utilization. He has also examined the relationship between variation in provider practice and the quality and costs of urological care. His current line of inquiry explores the interface between primary and specialty care. With funding from AHRQ, NIDDK, and NIA, he is investigating how the incorporation of specialist physicians into Medicare payment reforms influences program performance and the comparative effectiveness of different preventive pharmacological therapy agents for urinary stone disease, respectively.

Institutionally, Dr. Hollingsworth serves as the Medical Director for Clinical Quality and Interim Medical Director for Clinical Design and Innovation. His group offers a variety of services, including clinical guidance development, project management support for Michigan Medicine’s quality improvement committees, administrative support for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan-funded collaborative quality initiative coordinating centers, and coaching for Maintenance of Certification Part IV. He also chairs Michigan Medicine’s Quality Council. Regionally, Dr. Hollingsworth co-directs the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative’s Reducing Operative Complications from Kidney Stones initiative.

Dr. Hollingsworth is also the Principal Investigator of the Hollingsworth Lab. For more information, visit the Hollingsworth Lab webpage linked below. 

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