Qualitative Core

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The Qualitative Research Analysts at the Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy (CHOP) are here to answer your questions about qualitative research in general, or about your own qualitative research project. You’re welcome to approach any of them individually. We share a passion for improving the quality, depth, and rigor of qualitative research, while each having different methodological and content areas of experience. Our doors are always open!

You’re welcome to submit a question to our group using this brief form. The intention of this process is to make it easy for you if you don’t know quite where to start and help us help you by guiding you in what information to provide. Then we will strive to respond in a useful and efficient way. You can use this form to request consultation on a discrete topic or stage of work, or to explore the potential for ongoing support for your project from one or more of us.

Qualitative research provides an opportunity to deeply explore underlying reasons, motivations, and experiences from the perspective of the people most impacted by health services concerns. In qualitative approaches, we draw on a broad range of traditions and techniques, such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography, case studies, observational methods, and visual methods, to name a few.

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