Toward More Effective "Enhanced Recovery" Protocols for Major Surgery in Older Adults

Grant Number: R03-AG047860-01

Principal Investigator: Dr. Scott Regenbogen

Products and Resources

Regenbogen SE, Cain-Neilsen A, Norton EC, Chen LM, Birkmeyer JD, Skinner JS. Costs and consequences of early hospital discharge after major inpatient surgery in older adults. JAMA Surgery 2017; 152(5):e170123. PMID: 28329352. 

Regenbogen SE, Shah NJ, Collins SD, Hendren S, Englesbe MJ, Campbell DA. Population-based assessment of intraoperative fluid administration practices across three surgical specialties. Annals of Surgery 2017; 265(5):930-940. PMID: 28398962. 

Regenbogen SE, Mullard AJ, Peters N, Brooks S, Englesbe MJ, Campbell DA, Hendren S. Hospital analgesia practices and patient-reported pain after colorectal resection. Annals of Surgery 2016:264(6)1044-1050. PMID: 26756749.

This project is supported with funds from the National Institute on Aging Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Specialists Transition to Aging Research (GEMMSTAR). 

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