Alen Smrcka

Alan Smrcka, PhD

Benedict Lucchesi Professor of Cardiovascular Pharmacology
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Trainings and Identities:
MORE Mentor Training, Implicit Bias Training, Allyship Training, Anti-Racism Training, Intercultural Training, Disability Awareness Training, Bystander Training, Gender Bias or Discrimination Training
Research Interests:
G protein and Receptor Mediated Signal Transduction

My laboratory has a major focus on GPCR-mediated signal transduction and uses a combination of biochemical, cell biology and in vivo methods to understand the signaling pathways regulated downstream of GPCRs. We have made significant contributions to GPCR dependent regulation of phosphoinositide signaling at both biochemical and signaling levels. We have identified novel signaling mechanisms regulated by both Gbeta and Gbeta/gamma subunits of G proteins. We have developed a pharmacological approach for targeting G protein beta/gamma subunits as a strategy for modulating opioid receptor biology, and treatment of cardiac hypertrophy and inflammation. Very recent work has focused on proteomic methods for identification of signaling networks driven downstream of activation of specific G protein signaling pathways.