Ann Miller

Ann Miller, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
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Research Interests:
Cell-cell junctions, cytokinesis, RhoGTPases, mechanobiology, live microscopy

Ann Miller and the members of the Miller lab are committed to creating a positive lab environment that is inclusive, safe, and respectful of scientists of all races, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, cultures, and religious beliefs. We believe that “science is for everyone”! We will work to recognize and address our own biases while celebrating our unique differences and perspectives. We aim to be proactive in our efforts to support equity in the lab, in the classroom, on campus, and in our communities. Building a lab culture that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing and dynamic process, and we pledge to continue learning and growing as individuals and as a team.

MORE Mentor Training, Implicit Bias Training, Anti-Racism Training, Gender Bias or Discrimination Training, Being Human in STEM training and I include a HSTEM session in classes I teach; Inclusive Teaching Training; Equity and Excellence in Promotion Processes Training; presenter for DFB; panelist for NextProf; founder of WISAY and the WISAY mentoring program at Yale, Chair of the MCDB Horizons Summer Research Intern Program, Member of the Rackham Committee on Graduate Student Mental Health

Research in the Miller lab is focused on understanding how epithelial cell-cell adhesion and barrier function are maintained and remodeled during cell-scale (e.g. cytokinesis) and tissue-scale (e.g. developmental morphogenesis) shape change events. Adhesion and barrier function are absolutely essential for development and tissue homeostasis, and they are often compromised in diseases including cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Therefore, we investigate fundamental questions about how cell-cell junctions dynamically remodel in response to physiological forces that challenge adhesion and barrier function.