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Changyang Linghu

Assistant Professor
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Research Interests:
Biosensors and Bioactuators, Biomedical and Optical Imaging, Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Mechanobiology.

Research Interests

Decoding emergent properties from molecular and cellular populations - We are on a mission to measure and decode emergent properties from molecular and cellular populations that drive mammalian tissue function, via scalable and multiplexable interrogation of molecular and cellular activities in vivo. We have been developing and applying a series of novel technologies for high-precision spatiotemporal mapping of cell signaling activities, multiplexed imaging of signaling network dynamics, and scalable recording of gene expression histories in large mammalian cell populations. We envision these technologies to have broad applications in biology and medicine, facilitating novel experiments and discoveries to unravel how the collective dynamics of molecular and cellular populations drive mammalian tissue function in healthy and diseased states.