Chase Weidmann

Chase Weidmann, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Biological Chemistry
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Research Interests:
RNA structure, noncoding RNA, RNA-binding proteins, regulation of gene expression

We are interested in how cellular signals are propagated through interaction networks at the RNA-protein interface, and how these networks malfunction during cancer and disease. In cancer cells, changes in RNA-binding protein stoichiometry and modification status reorganize interaction networks of noncoding RNAs, resulting in altered functions. Our vision is to leverage RNA and protein sequencing technologies to characterize these altered interaction network profiles and design therapeutic strategies that target the RNA-protein interface.

I am fully committed to mentoring a diverse team of trainees, creating inclusive classroom environments, and advocating for the hiring and promotion of currently underrepresented people into faculty positions. Diverse perspectives challenge us to reflect on lived experiences through novel lenses, promoting empathy for others while celebrating what makes everyone unique. The continuing obstinance of scientists to train, hire, and promote only people who look and think like themselves is unacceptable and needs to change.