Faculty Opportunities for Involvement

Advising CMB Student Committees and Courses

CMB faculty are needed in a variety of capacities to help advise and oversee the activities of various student committees.

Potential opportunities include the following:

  • Career Committee Advisor - currently vacant
  • Short Course Committee Advisor (CMB 630) - currently Marcy Balunas (Fall 2023)
  • CMB 850 Student Seminar - Advisors/Coordinators - currently Matthias Truttmann & Jillian Pearring
  • CMB 850 Student Seminar - Faculty Evaluators - more needed for Fall/Winter 
  • Newsletter Advisor - currently vacant
  • PIBS 503 Facilitators (Responsible Conduct of Research)
  • Rackham DEI Faculty Ally (manages Rackham grant and oversees CMB DEI Task Force)
  • Student dissertation committees (expected participation when asked by students or leadership)
  • Student prelim exam committees (expected participation when asked by students or leadership)

CMB and PIBS Recruitment

PIBS Interview Weekends

CMB needs as many faculty as possible to participate in PIBS interview weekends each year (typically the last Fri/Sat in Jan and first Fri/Sat in Feb), including the following:

  • Interviewing Candidates in person (and potentially a couple Zoom interviews)
  • Attending the CMB program lunches and dinners
  • Presenting a poster at the Saturday poster sessions 
  • Other potential recruitment activities, such as Zoom chats, short talks, etc.

PIBS and MSTP Preview Events

CMB Faculty may be needed for this event to meet potentially interested students, and help answer questions about Michigan/the CMB Program.

Recruitment Travel Activities

CMB Faculty are welcome to inquire about traveling to the SACNAS and ABRCMS conferences each year to help recruit CMB students. SACNAS = Society for the Advancement of Chicanos, and Native Americans in Science. ABRCMS = Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists.

Each year CMB sends at least a couple students, and at least one faculty member to these conferences and reimburses all travel expenses. Other conferences or events are potentially reimbursable as well if faculty or students can make a case for attending them for CMB recruitment purposes.