Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Lawrence, Ph.D.

Professor of Internal Medicine
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Research Interests:
Ischemic stroke, neurodegenerative disease, vascular biology of the CNS, fibrotic disease

I am committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive group. I believe that the more we are exposed to and integrate a wide range of ideas, experiences, cultures, and different ways of thinking, the more likely we are to find the unexpected solution.

A significant area of interest focuses on the vascular biology of the CNS and its relationship to CNS disease processes. A second area study is the development of fibrotic disease. In particular, how upregulation of the protein PAI-1 promotes the pathogenesis of thrombotic and fibrotic diseases, and on the development of novel therapeutic interventions for the treatment of thrombotic and fibrotic diseases. Our studies use combinations of biochemical, molecular, and genetic approaches.