Kristen Verhey

Kristen Verhey, PhD

Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
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Trainings and Identities:
MORE Mentor Training, Implicit Bias Training, Bystander Training, Gender Bias or Discrimination Training
Research Interests:
Cytoskeleton, intracellular trafficking, microtubules, kinesin motor proteins, cilia

I believe that all differences – including field of study, lived experiences, culture, gender and ethnicity – widen our perspectives and help us to find the most innovative and impactful solutions to scientific questions. I am committed to an inclusive lab environment to which all their trainees may bring their whole selves.

Our lab is tackling broad questions about how microtubules and molecular motors function to drive intracellular transport in eukaryotic cells. We combine techniques and approaches from biophysics and cell biology, particularly microscopy-based approaches, to develop an understanding of intracellular trafficking from the molecular to the cellular scale. This has led us down diverse avenues of research, from how motors use ATP to generate force and directed to motion, to how cells use post-translational modifications to generate diverse microtubule populations, to how microtubules and motors build the primary cilium.