May 24, 2023

CMB 2023 Spring Symposium

On Friday, May 12th, 2023 our program celebrated the 41st Annual CMB Symposium at the Richard L. Postma Family Clubhouse at the University of Michigan Golf Course! The one day Symposium included a CMB Transparency Meeting, Myron Levine Keynote Lecture, and a poster session. 

 The Myron Levine Keynote lecture was delivered by Harmit Malik, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Director at the Basic Sciences Division at Fred Hutch. During the poster session, our current students and faculty presented their posters to display their current research to the public. Following the poster session, 5 CMB students were Awarded with the Best Poster Presentation. Those awarded included Kendall Dean, Devon Dennison, Jeffrey Knupp, Kaitlyn Speckhart and Angela Tuckowski. 

We thank all students, faculty and guests that participated in this year’s CMB Symposium! We look forward to celebrating next year’s Symposium on Monday, May 20, 2024!