Other Student Committees in CMB

Career Committee

This committee consists of at least 2-4 students and a faculty advisor. Students pick career topics they are interested in learning more about, and arrange events on these topics. Previous events have included alumni panels, resume or job interviewing workshops, guest speakers, and more.

Current Members: Currently Vacant

Monthly Student Meeting Coordinator(s)

This committee/coordinator should be 1-2 CMB students who are willing to facilitate and prepare for student meetings each month. This would include creating an agenda schedule that has topics that are timely and relevant; sending agendas to CMB leadership to approve and contribute information to; sending out RSVPs for food; and creating a meeting summary with meeting outcomes, student questions and feedback, to relay back to the CMB directors and admin.

Current Members: Ruth Azaria, Kendall Dean, Carina Elvira, Caroline Hsieh, Rae Powers

Recruitment Committee

This committee consists of at least 4 students and can include a faculty advisor. Students assist with the recruitment of new PIBS students, particularly during PIBS Interview Weekends, and provide outreach before, during and after this event, to interested students who will be/have interviewed for PIBS. The group is instrumental in coordinating student hosts for candidates, providing the student perspective to candidates during information sessions, and coordinating an afternoon activity for students during interview weekends. Each Recruitment Committee member serves as a lead host during one of the recruitment weekends.

Current Members: Sam Collie, Gillian Davidson, Sonya Royzenblat, Nick Vangos

Retreat Committee

This committee consists of at least 4 students who choose a keynote speaker and plan community-building activities for the CMB Fall Retreat.

Current Members: Amanda Orosco, Siara Sandwith, Jonathan Williams, Josephine Wu

Short Course Committee

This committee consists of at least 4 students and a faculty advisor. Students plan the short course for each Fall semester, including picking a topic, inviting a faculty member to advise the committee, and inviting/coordinating guest speakers who are experts in the selected topic area. Typically each student on the committee hosts one guest speaker and arranges their itinerary.

Current Members (Fall 2023): Grace Aleck, Maggie Durdan, Katherine Koning, Sonya Royzenblat, Abigail Vallie

Social Committee

This committee consists of at least 4 students who plan social/community-building events for the CMB program, including the Welcome Week Picnic and December Holiday Party. Other events include Whirlyball, Happy Hours, Bowling, Skating, and more.

Current Members: Ruth Azaria, Adele Correia, Gillian Davidson, Carina Elvira

Summer Journal Club

This committee can consist of as many members as it desires and will choose a theme and/or format for their journal club sessions. Often the group will pick a topic that interests them, and meet during the summer after the CMB 850 seminars have concluded in April/May.

Current Members: Faith Carranza, Sam Collie, Kendall Dean

Symposium Committee

This committee consists of 2 students and a faculty advisor, who will help coordinate the Spring Symposium, including poster awards and judging, the keynote speaker's itinerary, and additional activities that may be included the day of the symposium.

Current Members: Siara Sandwith, Ziad Sabry