Sethu Pitchiaya

Sethu Pitchiaya, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
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Research Interests:
Gene regulation, RNA biology, Cancer Biology, Stress response, Single-cell and single-molecule analysis

The overarching goal of the Pitchiaya lab is to understand how mammalian cells regulate gene expression in various physiological contexts and how aberrant gene regulation contributes to pathology. The current thrust of our lab is to understand the impact of biomolecular condensates on RNA metabolism, RNA function and cell fate decisions in cellular stress response and cancer. In addition, we are interested in understanding the basis and phenotypic impact of gene expression and cellular heterogeneity in genitourinary tissue function and tumor biology. To this end we combine spatial, single-cell and single-molecule approaches with functional genomics to obtain an integrated, systems-level understanding of gene regulation across biological scales.

It is refreshing to see the CMB program, the Department of Urology, and the University at large explicitly emphasizing the importance of DEI. I envision making an individual impact by practicing unbiased hiring; creating a positive and supportive environment for voicing one's opinion that is free from stereotyping, harassment, and discrimination; encouraging under-represented minorities to actively engage in science and pave the way for them to achieve their goals; and hosting DEI social clubs as an educational and awareness-promoting platform.