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Chemical Peels

Superficial chemical peels using alpha hydroxy acids (usually glycolic acid) improve the appearance of the skin by causing a very mild exfoliation (sloughing) of a portion of the uppermost layer of the skin. In addition, the peels stimulate more rapid turnover of the skin and this tends to help even out skin tones and brighten the skin. Peels may also be used as part of a treatment plan for some forms of acne.

The treatment is painless and requires only a few minutes. Patients generally experience no pain, but rather feel a tingling or warm sensation that is eliminated immediately once the peel solution is neutralized by the treating physician. Superficial chemical peels are generally performed as a series of treatments and are often provided at progressively higher concentrations (strengths) and for longer periods of time with each subsequent treatment.

Chemical peels are meant to soften and brighten the appearance of treated skin and, in some cases, blend skin tones and improve the texture of the skin. This is an ideal treatment to enhance skin with early signs of sun damage or marks left from old acne lesions. The result is a refreshed appearance that patients generally love. 

The Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center physicians also frequently perform a specialized type of chemical peel procedure called TCA CROSS for certain types of scars. Even some depressed scars that are resistant to laser therapy may be successfully improved with TCA CROSS treatments.

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