Poonam Purohit, BDS, MPA

Data Manager


With over 5 years of academic research experience in healthcare, primarily data governance, conducting statistical model analysis, and data management, Poonam, brings a strong foundation of knowledge to her current role as a research Data manager. She is responsible for ensuring data quality, integrity, and security through the establishment of data governance policies and procedures. She oversees data acquisition, integration, storage, and organization, while also implementing data quality assurance measures. Additionally, she collaborates with data analysts, researchers, PI’s, and research assistants to provide reliable data for analysis and reporting. Her role also involves contributing to the organization's data strategy and leading a team of data professionals and researchers to execute data management initiatives effectively. 

Her educational background includes a master's degree in public administration (MPA) with a specialized focus on Data Science and Analytics from Wayne State University, which she completed in 2020. Demonstrating her commitment to professional development, she is also certified in clinical data management (CDM) from Vanderbilt University, survey data collection and analysis from the University of Maryland, and opioid crisis prevention, education, and practice for non-prescribing providers from the University of Michigan. Furthermore, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry (BDS) from India. Prior to joining CPFRC, she held the position of lead evaluation analyst at CHRT (Center for Health Research and Transformation) within Michigan Medicine, where her primary areas of focus encompassed creating fundamental tools and metrics to evaluate the Opioid Crisis, chronic pain management, and Mental Health. Through her passion for utilizing data-driven solutions and my profound understanding of public health and research, she strives to contribute as an asset in transforming and strategizing data into actionable insights. 

Online Certifications: Clinical data management (CDM) - Vanderbilt University

                                     : Survey data collection and analysis -University of Maryland

                                     : Opioid crisis prevention, education, and management – University of Michigan