July 2, 2024

CPOD Faculty Publication Spotlight - Goldman Lab

Jui J, Goldman D. Annual Review of Genetics. 2024 June 14. Müller Glial Cell–Dependent Regeneration of the Retina in Zebrafish and Mice.
"Teleost fish, like zebrafish, exhibit remarkable regenerative properties and, unlike mammals, they can regenerate their central nervous system.  Key to retina regeneration in zebrafish are Muller glial cells (MG) that adopt retinal stem cell properties in response to retinal injury.  In this publication Jui and Goldman review the mechanisms underlying retina regeneration in zebrafish and discuss strategies currently used to stimulate Muller glia-dependent neuron regeneration in the mouse retina."


Pictured left to right: Dr. Jonathan Jui, Ph.D. (Research Fellow, Michigan Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan) and Dr. Daniel Goldman, Ph.D. (Research Professor, Michigan Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan)