Regenerative Medicine

The breadth of regenerative medicine research here is staggering, yet there is limited large-scale programmatic effort in this area. We are initiating a number of activities to consolidate information on regenerative medicine at UM and foster connections among researchers in Regenerative and Restorative Medicine, increase the visibility of regenerative medicine research within the University of Michigan as well as outside, and to facilitate the assembly of teams to be competitive for large-scale initiatives.


A planning task force charged by the OVPR and consisting of faculty from across the University has been evaluating Michigan’s strength in Regenerative Medicine.


  • UM researchers are #5 in citations in the world for Regenerative Medicine.
  • This stakeholder group has received nearly $370M from NIH over the last 5 years, supporting research-supporting areas related to Regenerative and Restorative Medicine.


These efforts in Regenerative Medicine span across the University, including the Dental school, most departments within the School of Medicine, and the Colleges of Engineering and Pharmacy. This broad strength is unique!

We are among the leaders in the number of patents, with faculty interested in Regenerative and Restorative Medicine submitting over 320 invention disclosures resulting in greater than 120 patent filings in the past five years.