Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses already full? 

We typically hold around 70 courses each year and yes our courses fill up very quickly. We recommend you begin looking for a course at least six months before your certification is set to expire. We do have wait lists for our courses - though it is not a guarantee that you will be able to get into our course. 
You may request to be placed on a wait list by emailing: 

How long is my ACLS or PALS Certification good for? Does AHA still have a grace period? 

ACLS and PALS Certifications are good for two years.
AHA no longer offers a grace period; however, ACLS and PALS Certifications are good through the end of the renewal month. For example, if you last certified on March 3, 2017 your certification was good through March 31, 2019. 

Where and when can I pick up my ACLS or PALS course materials? 

You may pick up your materials anytime after you register for a course. You may send someone to pick up the materials on your behalf. 
Please do not wait until close to the deadline to pick up the materials. 
We are located between The Triangle and the UH Cafeteria. Our office is in the lobby of the Dow Auditorium. 
AHA Office
Towsley Center 
Room G2111
Hours: M-F 7:00am-3:30pm 


Does your Training Center offer BLS Courses? 

We are an official AHA Training Center for ACLS and PALS Courses only; however, we have partnered with Health Education Strategies, LLC to offer HeartCode® BLS.

HeartCode® BLS is an official AHA program that blends online self-directed learning and hands-on testing. The online portion uses a variety of learning simulations and animations while the hands-on testing session is with an AHA Instructor and focuses on skills practice, debriefing and team scenarios. 

After our ACLS and PALS courses are scheduled to conclude, Health Education Strategies will be onsite for hands-on testing sessions of HeartCode® BLS. You will need to complete the online learning; making sure to bring your certificate with you to present at the end of our course. 


Where can I find a "regular" BLS Course? 

BLS Courses are offered on medical campus several times each month through the outside vendor Health Education Strategies, LLC. 
Two type of courses are offered. You may register for both types of courses through MLearning. Although the MLearning course number references nursing, these courses are not delegated to nurses only and other providers may take these courses. 
  • Course Number NURS-10608: Blended course with online module and skills testing
  • Course Number NURS-30610: 4 hour Instructor-led course

I have questions about BLS course keys or eCards. Who do I contact?

BLS training is offered through the outside vendor below. Please contact them directly with questions regarding BLS. 
Health Education Strategies, LLC
Phone: 734-288-3050
You may search AHA's website for your BLS eCard
Please note: AHA's website requires you to be very specific with your name and email address
Additional Resources
UM School of Nursing BLS Coordinators: 


Does your Training Center offer hands-on testing for HeartCode® ACLS, BLS or PALS? 

No, our Training Center does not offer hands-on testing for HeartCode® ACLS, BLS or PALS. 


I completed my ACLS or PALS course, when will I get the email to claim the eCard? 

AHA will send you an email within a few days after the course is completed. The email will come from and contains a link that redirects you to AHA's website with your information pre-populated. 


I still haven't received the email from AHA with the link to claim my eCard.

Sometimes emails get marked as suspicious and land in junk or spam folders. Please check your junk or spam folder and if you did not receive the email, you may try logging into AHA's website using the link below.

Please note: ACLS and PALS Courses use


I took my last ACLS or PALS course through the Clinical Simulation Center, but I can't find my eCard. 

You may use the link below to view, print, save and even email your eCard Certifications.

Please note: ACLS and PALS Courses use


Can I claim CME/CEU's? 

Continuing Medical Education Units are not available for our ACLS or PALS courses. If you provide your AHA eCard Certification to your credentialing organization, they may award CME/CEUs.
ACLS and PALS Course Hours
  • ACLS-New Provider: 11.75 Hours
  • ACLS-Recertification: 6.25 Hours
  • PALS-New Provider: 14.17 Hours
  • PALS-Recertification: 6.33 Hours 
EMS Professionals
AHA offers Continuing Education credits for EMS professionals through CAPCE (Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education) for the below disciplines.  
  • ACLS
  • BLS
  • PALS
Physician Assistants
The governing body, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA), has pre-approved ACLS, BLS and PALS courses for Category 1 CME.
For more information, please visit their website below. 


Class materials must be picked up prior to the materials pick up deadline (which is 7 days before the class date). You may pick up materials any time after registering for a course. You may send someone to pick up your materials on your behalf. If materials are not picked up before the deadline, your registration will be dropped at no charge to you or your department. 
Payment by check, credit card or department short code must be made when materials are picked up.
To receive the UM Employee rate, employees must provide their UMID # at the time of registration.
If you are registering for a Re-Certification course and took your last course at a different Training Center, proof of current certification is required at time of materials pick up. 
Rescheduling or Cancelation requests must be submitted in writing prior to the materials pick up deadline. Unopened class materials must be returned to the AHA Office within 2 weeks of cancelation. If materials are not returned within this time frame the registrant or their department will be charged for the cost of course materials.
Failure to attend a class for any reason will result in the registrant and/or their department being billed for the full cost of the course. 
The Clinical Simulation Center reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class in the case of low enrollments. Should this occur, participants will be notified 1 week prior the class date.