October 28, 2019

Rooney Collaboration is M-Cubed

Immersive Audio and VR being used to study alarm fatigue in hospital settings

With the help of an M-Cubed $15,000 mini-cube grant Clinical Simulation Center Director of Education and Research, Deborah Rooney is working with nursing professor, Patricia Abbott and Anıl Çamcı of SMTD to understand how to reduce alarm fatigue in clinical environments.  The project entitled, AlarmVR: Investigating Alarm Fatigue in Clinical Environments Using Immersive Audio and Virtual Reality will "assess existing theories on the impact of auditory factors on alarm fatigue" but also provide guidance on the design of future alarms sounds as well as be the foundation for a new simulation training using immersive technology.

Deborah Rooney

Deborah M. Rooney, PhD

Director of Education and Research, Clinical Simulation Center
Director 3D & Innovations Lab
Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences