January 6, 2020

Ultrasound To Go at CSC

Donor funds add four Butterfly iQ point of care ultrasound systems to CSC

Four additional state-of-the-art Butterfly iQ point of care ultrasound systems are now available at the Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) thanks to generous contributions of alumni and friends of the Medical School.  "This added capacity will help us train the next generation of healthcare professionals to provide advanced diagnostic imaging to their patients across all specialties and healthcare settings." says James M. Cooke the CSC's executive director.  

The Butterfly iQ is a portable device capable of "whole body" ultrasound that connects to a smart phone or tablet. Making the latest technology available for faculty, students and staff to train on is a primary focus of the CSC.  Those interested in helping the CSC purchase medical equipment to advance medical student training can make a contribution to our Clinical Simulation Center Fund

ButterflyiQultrasounds Square Pic