July 10, 2020

Cooke Contributes to New Book on Disability and Diversity

Clinical Simulation Center Executive Director, James Cooke, has co-authored a chapter in Disability as Diversity - A Guidebook for Inclusion in Medicine, Nursing, and the Health Professions

Chapter 10, entitled "Clinical Accommodations and Simulation," deals with utilizing the specialized simulation settings and expertise in the simulation and education communities in the design process for accommodations.  Sometimes this can focus on issues such as access or facilities issues or adaptive equipment, but can also be utilized in a holistic way to help design fully integrated accommodations for health sciences learners. The book, edited by Lisa M. Meeks and Leslie Neal-Boylan, is available now from Springer where a preview of Chapter 10 and a list of authors is available.

An excerpt from the section on "Value Proposition"
"When considering the effort, expertise, and resources utilized in developing a suite of accommodations without full understanding of a disability, as well as the enormous time and effort involved in developing post hoc accommodations when disabilities are not addressed prior to the clinical experience, the value of high-fidelity simulation for the assessing the impact of a disability along with the design, testing, and integration of accommodations cannot be underestimated."
James Cooke

James M. Cooke, MD

Executive Director, Clinical Simulation Center
Clinical Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Clinical Professor of Family Medicine
Collaborative Lead for Simulation