Simulator Value Index

Do you need help making the best decision about simulator purchases, or do you need to justify simulator purchases to leadership at your institution?

Introducing the Simulator Value Index (SVI) Tool

Developed jointly by University of Michigan Simulation Center and the Technologies and Simulation Committee of the American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes (ACS AEI) Consortium, the SVI tool is founded on scientific evidence from the medical simulation community and designed to to facilitate decision-making during the simulator evaluation and purchase process via a standardized mechanism.

We invite you to use the SVI Tool, but ask something in return:
When you do use the Tool (an excel spreadsheet) please return any completed forms to Dr. Deb Rooney ([email protected]), so your data may be compiled and shared with other simulation centers.

For more information about the SVI Tool, please access video via YouTube, ACS AEI Best Practice: Simulator Selection Process