Ari Allyn-Feuer

Ari Allyn-Feuer


Areas of Interest

Ari has been actively involved in the design and execution of both of the Athey lab’s two bioinformatics pipelines: 4D nucleome microscopy and neuropsychiatric pharmacoepigenomics. His thesis topic is “Asymmetric Hi-C compiling for neuropsych pharmacogenomics and parsing transcriptional regulation,” and involves three aims embracing both projects. Aim 1: Validation of pharmacogenomics regulatory variants with Hi-C: Validation of candidate variants from the pharmacoepigenomics pipeline with 4D nucleome spatial data in the form of both high resolution Hi-C spatial interaction data and high throughput cytometric microscopy. Aim 2: Exploring the spatial nature of transcriptional regulation: Screening expression and spatial information for conformance with the Transcription Under Control model in a high throughput manner using genome-wide mRNA-seq and high resolution Hi-C datasets. Aim 3: Development of Hi-C compiling methods designed specifically for variant validation: Development of a Hi-C module specifically designed for validation of variants, built to compile from aligned read pairs into asymmetric bins embracing predicted enhancer regions, on the one axis, and promoter-gene bodies on the other, with new normalization methods.



  • B.A., University of Chicago (Mathematics)