Accelerated Master's Program

Students in this program start taking Bioinformatics graduate-level courses while they are in the senior year of their undergraduate study, and will earn both an undergraduate degree in their home program, plus a Master's in Bioinformatics, within five years since they start as freshmen at U-M.

The application deadline is April 1. Students must submit an online Rackham application. Applicants should be in their junior year or approximately 18 months before finishing requirements.

We highly recommend to contact the program for advising before applying.
Contact the Bioinformatics Graduate Office ( to set up a session. Undergraduates who are pursuing a dual degree are ineligible for the Bioinformatics AMDP.


  • Majors in Biology, CMB, LSI, Math, or CSE are encouraged. Other majors are allowed, if their home department permits and all other criteria can be met. 
  • You have to have a GPA of at least 3.2
  • No GRE is required
  • Up to 15 credits can be transferred from your undergraduate major
  • Of these 15, up to 9 credits can be double counted for major electives and the MS
  • You will do original research under supervision, either in a U of M lab for credit, or during paid summer internships
  • Appropriate courses are listed here

Accepted students enroll in the Bioinformatics AMDP during the last year of undergraduate study. For the 5th year, AMDP students enroll in Rackham as an M.S. student.

A total of 30 credits are required for the Master’s, which includes the following courses and electives:

  • Introductory Bioinformatics – BIOINF 572 or BIOINF 529
  • Computing & Informatics – 3 or 4 credit, several choices
  • Probability & Statistics – 1 or 2 courses, 3 or 4 credits
  • Molecular Biology – any graduate level or undergrad/grad level
  • Two Advanced Bioinformatics and/or Computational Biology courses
  • Two semester of Bioinformatics 602 (Journal Club) ) or one semester of BIOINF-602 and one journal club in another unit
  • 6 credits or 300 hours or a combination of for credit, or paid or volunteer research

Electives for the Master's can be any of the listed courses, or any graduate course in the relevant topics (biology, computing, statistics; applied math or applied computing will be considered only if in relation to biology topics).

Up to 6 credits for the undergraduate degree may be taken during graduate enrollment.

Up to 15 credits can be transferred from the undergraduate years; up to 9 credits can be double counted.

A transfer credit is one that is not needed for ANY graduation requirements – not for 120 credits, not for LSA distribution, nor your major or minor – your undergraduate degree would be the same without this.

Double counted credit: Only credit for free or technical electives in your major.

When applying, use Program Code 02161 and Academic Plan Code 4740MS1.

Please note: As an exception AMDP students whose undergraduate degree is Statistics, LSI, or CSE are allowed to double count BIOINF 527 although it is required. Those whose undergraduate program is CMB are allowed to double count MCDB 427 even though it is required.