Training Grants

Student presenting a poster

The Bioinformatics Graduate Program is flexible and attracts applicants from a wide range of academic backgrounds. Consequently, the training programs listed here enhance a variety of students disciplines. Furthermore, the Graduate Program is proud of its diverse student body and encourages students from traditionally underrepresented minorities, disadvantaged backgrounds, and those with disabilities to apply for training grant appointments. Appointing such students to these grants is an asset both to the Program and the student.

Bioinformatics Training Program

The Bioinformatics Training Program is an NIH funded program which prepares students in the field bioinformatics and applied computational biology by engaging them in cutting-edge collaborative research featuring a strong biological or biomedical application.

Genome Sciences Training Program

The Genome Sciences Training Program (GSTP) is an NIH funded interdisciplinary program for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral candidates. More information can be found here: Bionformatics Ph.D. students who are interested in learning more or applying, should speak with Prof. Margit Burmeister.

Proteomics Training Program

The Proteomics Training Program in Advanced Proteome Informatics of Cancer, funded by the National Cancer Institute, supports students performing graduate cancer-related research and provides training for proteome informatics research.