Tools & Technology Seminar Series

The DCMB Tools and Technology Seminar Series will be presented via a Zoom Live Stream each Thursday, at 12pm EST.

Each seminar highlights a tool or technology, that is under development or in current use, that is of interest to department and University researchers. These seminars are streamed live using Zoom and are also archived and made available for future viewing on the DCMB YouTube Chanel:

Next Seminar

 “nPoRe: n-Polymer Realigner for improved pileup variant calling”

Tim Dunn (Computer Science and Engineering)

Room 2036 - ZOOM

"Proximal causal inference under confounded outcome-dependent sampling designs, with application to test negative designs for flu and COVID-19 monitoring"

Kendrick Li (Biostatistics)
[Remote Speaker]

Room 2036 - ZOOM