Haley Amemiya

Haley Amemiya


Areas of Interest

Haley has a strong background in basic research, she has an interest in advancing genome science through the application of computational and lab experimental techniques and a desire to apply these methods to the translation of basic findings to the advancement of human health and disease. Her current research in Dr. Alan Boyle’s lab is to define the rules governing CRISPR / Cas9 system efficiencies by integrating measurements of sgRNA activity, off-targeting, and Cas9 specificity from a large number of sgRNAs. Haley has been part of multiple outreach events at UM such as Scientist Spotlight at the Natural History Museum where she, along with other bioinformatics student Zena Lapp, designed an activity to explain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and DNA sequencing to museum. It is important to Haley to expose youth and lay individuals to the field of bioinformatics and the exciting and impactful research within the department.


  • B.S. + B.A., University of Washington (Biology, Biochemistry)