Jess Millar

Jess Millar


Areas of Interest

Jess has current research experience working with Dr. Rahul Raghavan using experimental, computational, and statistical methods to gain knowledge on how genomes evolve in parasitic microbes. She examined the functions of conserved antisense RNA (asRNA) in bacterial genomes. She conducted a literature review of asRNA research and techniques, designed the experimental approach, and began an analysis of their first set of data. Within other lab projects, she used her training in bioinformatics and created numerous pipelines to format and analyze the data, making decisions on what statistical analyses are appropriate. All of the projects that she worked on in the lab have produced several national conference presentations, two publications, and three manuscripts currently in review. Her project alerted her to the limited techniques currently available to analyze asRNA data. By better understanding these limitations, they will not only contribute to the knowledge of asRNA in bacteria, but also introduce new techniques to be used.


  • B.S., Portland State University (Biology, Public Health)
  • M.S., Portland State University (Biology, Statistics)