Jun Chen


Areas of Interest

Jun has experience working in a biophysics research group with Professor Wei Chen. Jun studied the intrinsic fluctuations of cell migration under different cellular densities and nutrient conditions. She used Dictyostelium discoideum (DD) as the model organism and studies the motility of DD cells by video microscopy.  During this time, she was chosen to be part of the national basic science top-notch talen training plan, she then rotated in two labs. She was in a research group of Professor Rener Xu to study the Aβoligomer42 receptor related to Alzheimer’s disease, and then moved to Professor Yue-Qing Hu’s lab where she focused on analyzing the next-generation sequencing data of non-coding RNA via statistical methods. She then worked in a lab with Professor Liang Cai where her project was focused on the actin remodeling during endocytosis where she chose plasma membrane phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate PI(4,5)P₂, as her research subject.

While working on her Master’s degree her focus moved from the endocytosis to the cell polarity during the morphogenesis. The overall goal of her project was to clarify the role that phosphoinostides play in the cyst development and the tubulogensis, and provide insight into the repair mechanism of acute kidney injury. Jun then began working on two projects with Dr. Dawen Cai. The first was related to her previous research experience, she exploited the chemical or light induced dimerization of the proteins and fused N-and C-terminal of split Cre recombinase to each pair of proteins to control the activity of Cre, the important components of the Brainbow system. And the other project was to develop a new method to reduce the redundancy of Brainbow by improving the recombination strategy and knock Brainbow cassette in specific loci of mouse via CRISPR.

Currently Jun is comparing different methods of estimating co-heritability (the genetic associations within pairs of quantitative traits) in high-dimensional models.


  • B.S., Fudan University (Biology)
  • M.S., Fudan University (Cell and Molecular Biology)