Michal Zochowski

Michal Zochowski, Ph.D.

CCMB Affiliate Faculty
Professor of Physics and Biophysics

Areas of Interest

The research done in our laboratory focuses on understanding the dynamical underpinnings of neural activity that is underlying brain cognitive function as well as its pathologies. That is, we would like to understand generic principles of the formation of spatiotemporal patterns in coupled dynamical systems that mediate neuronal communication and facilitate formation of different cognitive and/or pathological states in the brain. The specific questions include: in what types of dynamical regimes brain dynamics falls in? What types of dynamical interactions on a microscopic level (individual neurons) and well as macroscopic one (local networks) define its function? How does network topology influences its dynamical function? How we can successfully monitor changing temporal interdependencies between individual neurons and/or neural populations and understand their role during learning, recognition/recall, or in pathological states?

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