Misael Fernandez

Misael Fernandez


Areas of Interest

My main research interest is in neuroplasticity and learning, particularly in relation to kinesiology. I am exploring the use of machine vision and signals analysis to study differences in how people of different ages learn motor skills. I am applying this to study the development of rehabilitation technologies for people with neurological disorders or impaired motor functions. Furthermore, I am trying to determine whether stimulating analytical thinking, not just cognitive load, during learning motor skills has an effect on how quickly and effectively skills are learned and retained. A secondary interest is in understanding the biology of aging from a systems level perspective. I’d like to know why organisms begin to lose the ability to repair themselves over time, and determine if there are critical points which result in rapid increases in the accumulation of damage and the emergence of the aging phenotype. To this end, I am working on methods of integrating data from various “omics” studies to develop mathematical models for dealing with the complexity of interactions leading to organismal decay. Finally, I am interested in science education and ways of making scholarly research accessible to non-scientists.


  • B.S., Florida International University (Biology & Chemistry)