November 30, 2017

Parker Lab research highlighted as part of annual report from American Diabetes Association

Over the past year, research from the Parker Lab and their collaborators [1-3] has contributed significantly to understanding diabetes. This research was highlighted as part of the annual report from the American Diabetes Association.

  1. Genetic regulatory signatures underlying islet gene expression and type 2 diabetes. (2017). A Varshney, LJ Scott, RP Welch, MR Erdos, PS Chines, N Narisu, et al Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [DOI]
  2. The genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes. (2016). C Fuchsberger, J Flannick, TM Teslovich, A Mahajan, V Agarwala, KJ Gaulton, et al Nature [DOI]
  3. The genetic regulatory signature of type 2 diabetes in human skeletal muscle. (2016). LJ Scott, MR Erdos, JR Huyghe, RP Welch, AT Beck, BN Wolford, et al Nature Communications 7, 11764 [DOI]
Stephen Parker

Stephen CJ Parker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Associate Professor of Human Genetics