July 30, 2018

PhD students present at recent NCI meeting

CCMB faculty Profs. Alexey Nesvizhskii, Arul Chinnaiyan, and Gil Omenn hosted a National Cancer Institute (NCI) site visit on July 24 for the Clinical Proteomics Technology Applied to Cancer (CPTAC) Proteogenomics Data Analysis Center (PGDAC). Visiting NCI leadership were Dr. Henry Rodriguez, Dr. Chris Kinsinger, and Dr. Mehdi Mesri.

The visit focused on innovative methods for proteogenomics data analysis for kidney and endometrial cancers. The faculty above are also steering committee members for the NIH T32 training grant, Advanced Proteome Informatics of Cancer (PICTP). PhD students, currently and formerly funded by our PICTP grant, presented highlights of their research underlining the importance of bioinformatics and proteomics in their research. Bioinformatics is proud to support the work and progress of these students. 


Front row: Prof. Gil Omenn, Chris Kinsinger, Henry Rodriguez, Prof. Alexey Nesvizhskii, Ben Chandler, Prof. Arul Chinnaiyan, and Prof. Phil Andrews