April 7, 2021

Bioinformatics Graduate Student Appreciation Week

The UM Bioinformatics Program is proud of its graduate students - from first year students to recent graduates, students on campus and those working from afar!

We thank you for your efforts and hope you take time to pat yourself on the back!

We want to take the opportunity of this week, which is graduate student appreciation week, to thank you all for your hard work and your resilience despite the pandemic, physical distancing, far-distance learning for some of you, health and mental challenges, as well as the financial restrictions which have modified your student experience.

We are tremendously proud of all of you in our now 100+ student strong program and are hopeful that we will be able to reunite and thank most of you in person in Fall. We also congratulate those of you graduating this term with an MS, a PhD or both – a record number of students! We will emerge even stronger given what we went through together.

We hope you and those you love are safe, healthy, and able to take a moment to celebrate your achievements so far.


Department and Graduate Program Leadership
Brian Athey, Mary Freer, Margit Burmeister, Maureen Sartor, Alla Karnovsky