September 8, 2022

Kayvan Najarian received a five-year NSF grant for a new Center for Data-Driven Drug Development and Treatment Assessment (DATA)

Kayvan Najarian, a professor of computational medicine and bioinformatics, and of emergency medicine in the Medical School, and professor of electrical engineering and computer science in the College of Engineering, was awarded a five-year NSF grant to create the Center for Data-Driven Drug Development and Treatment Assessment (DATA).

Kayvan Najarian, PhD

DATA will be an NSF-designated center, under Industry-University Research Partnership (IUCRC) program, which will be funded jointly by NSF and industry partners. DATA will facilitate the collaborative research between University of Michigan researchers and industry partners.

The center will develop and support the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to research drug design, drug repositioning and repurposing, treatment assessment, patient phenotyping and quantitative pharmacovigilance. It will be a central hub for collaborative research that seeks to fulfill an important national need for improved drug repositioning and repurposing, health monitoring and post-market surveillance.

“While the value and potential of using AI and machine learning have been long recognized, we have few such techniques for teasing out the complexities for screening drugs to target and drug-to-drug inactions, pre-existing conditions, and unique patient phenotypes that result in disparate treatment effects and outcomes,” Najarian said.

“DATA will bring together data scientists, mathematicians, biomedical researchers and health care providers to produce methodologies that can be replicated to make a broad impact on drug discovery and biomedical applications of data science and AI.”

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