January 10, 2023

Faculty in the News: Daniel Forger, Ph.D.

Daniel Forger leads DoD-funded project to understand mental fatigue

Researchers at the University of Michigan are leading a multi-university partnership that aims to understand and predict cognitive fatigue in individuals.

"The five-year project will examine cognitive fatigue across multiple timescales, distinct aspects of cognition and in different individuals with multiscale whole cortex models," says Daniel Forger, the Robert W. and Lynn H. Browne Professor of Science, professor of mathematics, and research professor in computational medicine and bioinformatics. “Understanding the basis of fatigue in the brain is one of the key scientific challenges of our time…. Mathematical modeling offers us the best hope of understanding cognitive fatigue, but new mathematical tools are needed to capture the complexity of the brain. It is exciting to test these models in cutting-edge sleep and human performance labs and in the real world.”

Read the full story in the Michigan News.


Daniel Forger, Ph.D.

Daniel Forger, Ph.D.

Professor of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics
Professor of Mathematics